Yo. I'm Martin Boehme.

That's 'bay-me' in English, but I'll also accept the original German. I work with Thomas Frank at College Info Geek to make students' lives better.

I study language.

I speak Spanish and a bit of French, and I'm currently studying Japanese. I also have some experience teaching English as a second language and am rather fond of linguistics in general. I'll let you know if your lingua-dental fricative would be better expressed as a lingua-alveolar stop. No worries.

I have a podcast.

When Tom and I do our Voltron transformation, we become The College Info Geek Podcast. We mostly talk about learning, focus, productivity, and other things vital to student success, but sometimes we accidentally talk about nonsense for several minutes.

I code things.

I've been coding for 10+ years and have worked with more languages than I care to name. I built the latest College Info Geek theme and am most comfortable with PHP-based web development on Linux-based server environments. Regular expressions are pretty cool, too.