About Martin Boehme

martin standing on the edge of a cliff at palisade head overlooking lake superior with a camera

Yo. I'm Martin Boehme.

That’s ‘bay-me’ in English, but I’ll also accept the original German. I do many things; here are some of them.


I started taking photos in 2015, back when I needed a new hobby to take me away from my computer screen. I've since taken more than 10,000 photos on my Sony a6000, and I've no intention of slowing down.

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ghost hands on a piano


Piano is a longtime hobby of mine, and I recently decided to merge it with my love of chiptunes and synthesizers. Follow along as I figure out what to do with the hundreds of ideas in my voice memos.

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Pixel Art

I've been learning the noble art of placing colored squares. I'm still very much an amateur, but it's a fun way of exploring subjects that I can't necessarily photograph. With any luck (and some time, effort, and attention on my part), this will be a step toward making my own game someday.

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pixel art of Haystack Rock, Oregon
Japanese tea house


Language has fascinated me for a long time. I can get by in Spanish and French, and I'm currently getting to know Japanese. I also have some experience teaching English as a second language and am rather fond of linguistics in general. I'll let you know if your lingua-dental fricative would be better expressed as a lingua-alveolar stop; no worries.

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The Inforium

Formerly The College Info Geek Podcast, The Inforium is the place to be if you want to hear long-time friend and collaborator Thomas Frank and I engage in slightly too much banter before getting to our points. We ended the show at episode 25, but that's still a 325 episode feed for you to feast your ears on.

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Back in 2018, I decided to come up with a new habit-tracking system to reboot my goals. I needed it to be flexible, refreshable, and able to be written in a fancy orange Leuchtturm notebook. Thanks to Thomas' video on how it works, many people now know it as "The Martin System." I didn't name it; I promise.

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College Info Geek

I've been working with the previously-mentioned Thomas Frank for a long time, and it all started here. I've written a handful of articles for CIG, and I handle anything involving servers, code, or things that can't be easily categorized. Perhaps more specifically, I built the two most recent versions of the site, and I help make videos from time to time.

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