martin standing on the edge of a cliff at palisade head overlooking lake superior with a camera

Yo. I'm Martin Boehme.

That's 'bay-me' in English, but I'll also accept the original German. I do many things; here are some of them.

Art: I take photos, write music, and make pixel art. I share most of this on social media, but I do more on Instagram than the others.

Work: I've been working with Thomas Frank for many years. I code, write, art direct, manage, film, plan, build, and do pretty much any other verb that's necessary, but my strengths lie in solving esoteric problems I can ponder while muttering to myself on a long walk.

Language: I can get by in Spanish and French, and I'm currently getting to know Japanese; I've also a small amount of experience teaching English as a second language. I'll let you know if your lingua-dental fricative would be better expressed as a lingua-alveolar stop; no worries.